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Lodging Packages

We have the perfect gift for friends, family, or that special couple visiting in the cabins. 
Surprise them with something waiting when the arrive! 
Silver Run Cabins Ozarks offerings
Roses- ½ or 1 dozen.
Gift of Cheese

Cheese Plates- Cheddar, provolone, pepper jack,
and assorted crackers. 
Ham and Turkey can also be added.

Fruit plate lodging package Fruit Plates- Bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, kiwi,
fruit dip, and chocolate bits.
Champaigne package vacation lodging Wine or Champagne.

Rush Town Special
6 Roses, Cheese or Fruit Plate, and Wine or
Champagne. $125
Did you know the mining town of Rush had 5 hotels,
including a Hilton during the early 1900s?

Zinc Special
Our “Local” Package
Serenity Farm Bread, Local Honey, Jelly, and Post
Familie Wine or Grape Juice. $65
When miners came to Rush, what they thought was
Silver, was actually zinc. Shortly after, zinc
mining began at Morning Star mine.

Turkey Fat Basket
Basket of chocolates or sweet and sour candies, 2
carbonated drinks or 2 bottles of water. $40
“Turkey Fat” Smithsonite is found almost exclusively in the mines at Rush. 
It’s nearly impossible to find now due to mines being closed to the public.

Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Crackers, Assorted Nuts,
Chocolate Bits, Hand Sanitizer, and 2 Bottles of
Water. $45
Many abandoned mines in the Ozarks have pink sparry dolomite.

Apple-Filled Country French Loaf from Serenity
Farms and an Assortment of Hot Teas. $45
Smithsonite of various colors, including yellow,
golden, brown, gray, and even green, were the
most desired minerals from the Rush area mines.

We require AT LEAST a 7 days notice for all packages.


Silver Run Cabins
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